Friday, February 26, 2010

BLUMARINE Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010/11

All I can say about the Blumarine Milano Fashion show is that it was fantastic! I'm not a huge fan of fringe but Anna Molinari really did an excellent job this season.,using it wisely and making it look beautiful and irresistible.
We can also expect a lot of zebra prints this fall,from boots,to jackets to dresses.

-The music was great, i saw some people in the front row moving to the rhythm of the James Brown classic "I feel good"
and you could just feel the energy of the show.
-The hair was fabolous,long, really feminine.
-And the cat eye makeup,really subtle but fabolous.

The fashion show was just a hit. Too bas my budget is limited or else I would buy every single piece of the new collection!

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