Sunday, March 14, 2010

Valentino Paris Fall/Winter 2010/11

Can someone please tell Mr. Garavani to come back?

The new collection reminds me more of Miu Miu or Blu Girl than Valentino!

No offense, I love both Miu Miu and Blu Girl but the standard of the Valentino brand has distinguished itself throughout the years as an Haute Couture brand not Prêt à Porter.

Even though the fall/winter collection is way better than the one before, I just can't say they did an excellent job.

Better luck next time

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New Calvin Klein X Underware Spring 2010 - Mark your spot

Ladies this is for you!

Kellan Lutz, Mehcad Brooks, Fernando Verdasco, and Hidetoshi Nakata in the Spring 2010 Calvin Klein X Underwear campaign.

Alexander McQueen Paris Fall/Winter 2010/11 (The last collection made by Alexander McQueen)

He truly was an artist,the best, a genious. R.I.P.

Photos courtesy of Alexander McQueen.

Chanel Paris Fall/Winter 2010/11

I have a feeling PETA will be pretty mad next season because fur is IN more than ever.
We see it on almost anything, from the BIG MUZZY inspired boots (D&G, Chanel) to coats, skirts even pants.
Ok so little fur details I can get but putting on a pair of fur pants... You'd Have to be crazy or living in the South Pole.
Where did the SANE fashion go?
Other than that i really like the boots inspired by man's tuxedo shoes!

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