Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Makeup Tutorial

This is one of the best makeup tutorials I have ever seen and tried.

Check out the queen of the runway Tyra Banks sharing her beauty secrets!

A thing or two you really need to know!

I read an article in Harper's Bazaar about fake perfumes and you won't like it. Apparently, counterfeiters put URINE in perfumes and not just! Fake perfumes contain also antifreeze and bacteria!
According to Harper's Bazzar they do so because it's said to be a PH balance stabilizer and for the color.
And what's even worse is that these perfumes can cause contact dermatitis, resulting in welts on your skin!

The bottom is buy perfumes in department stores!!!

Clogs the new "IT" shoes!

And we can all thank Karl Lagerfeld for introducing us to the new version of clogs on the Chanel Spring/Summer show in Paris last September.

Now almost every magazine is calling them the new IT shoes, including Alexa Chung who's gracing the British cover of Vogue March wearing non other then Chanel clogs.

Here are just a few examples of what we're going to see A LOT this Summer.

Canadian designer Mark Fast sends 'plus size' models down the runway on London Fashion Week

The designer who "broke the rules" last year did it again. Just this time the creative director didn't walk away three days before his show, apparently in protest at being asked to work with the 'plus size' models.
The knitwear designer l
ikes to use a mix of different sized models in his shows, to prove that the clinging designs look good on every bodyshape. The models were a size 42 and 46, (14 or 16)a healthy dress for their above average height. London modelling agency 12+ UK supplied the models. Founder Sarah Watkinson said 29-year-old Fast was dedicated to using real-looking women, she added that no other Fashion Week designers had sought models from her agency.

Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter 2010-2011

Even though Victoria Beckham presented her collection on February 14th I just couldn't get it of my mind so I decided to post the pics.
The 35-year-old singer-turned-designer really nailed it with her fourth collection! The dresses are classy, chic, and sophisticated ready for any red carpet with the use of draping throughout the backs and necklines. Puffed hemlines were used to enhance the strict silhouettes and long slits were added along the sides to add a sexy touch. The range of dresses were inspired by the comic book detective Dick Tracy using deep reds, blues, greens, nudes, and a dazzling pale gold. With this collection, Victoria feels that the fashion world is finally taking her seriously as a designer and her dream is to open her own boutique within the next five years. As a designer, she says, “But, I’m still learning. I still feel I need to prove myself – all my life I’ve had to prove myself. Each season, I have to better myself. I really want to grow as a designer.”
Here are just some of the dresses I would personally love to have + the video of her talking about the collection.