Thursday, June 3, 2010

40th Anniversary of Roberto Cavalli

To celebrate the 40Th anniversary of his label, Roberto Cavalli did an exclusive interview with Harper's Bazaar accompanied by a photo shoot with his wife, his son, circus clowns,a lion and a model.Just an ordinary day in Cavalli's life.
He talks about the beginning of his carrier, the fashion industry and copying, the support of his wife, his leopard signature print and... masturbating.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

On what he wishes he knew when he started building his label:

"I know many things. Forty years ago, I expected all the world. I was very enthusiastic, but I didn't understand that you have to follow the system. The big fish run the show." But now you're a big fish. "I'm a middle fish, but there are small fish that are poisonous."

About copying his signature leopard print:

"In the beginning, when people copied me I was happy." But now, "I can understand when H&M or Zara copies me, but I hate it when big designers copy me. You have a big name, you should never copy me."

About his love for fashion and beautiful women:

Of course I think about a beautiful woman to dress, because that's my way," he says with a shrug. Is there a difference? "Yes," he says. "I don't masturbate thinking about fashion."

Read the whole interview here.

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