Friday, May 7, 2010

Fashion Icons VS Lady Gaga

After people and Lady Gaga fans started accusing Christina Aguilera of copying Lady Gaga's style and her video Bad Romance, Christina's fans started getting pretty mad. And so did I.

I was a fan of Lady Gaga at the beginning of her career but now shes really getting on my nerves.

Everyone is praising her for being so innovative while she has a group of stylist who pick her clothes for her...which is OK cause the music industry functions like that.
But if she wants to be named a fashion icon she has to do better than that.

She once stated she always dressed "crazy" even before she got famous which really pissed me off.

We've all seen her video on MTV's Boiling Points and we've seen how normal she dressed so where do all the lies come from?

The only thing shes doing is copying what other people did way back in the 70s and the 80s when people started expressing more who they are with clothes and when little monsters weren't even born.
Just take Grace Jones, David Bowie, Cyndie Lauper, Madonna for an instance.
These people had the personality and the state of mind to go with the image, that's why they were so fierce and unique.

People adore Lady Gaga not because she was the first who started reinventing her image everyday but because she's funny,provocative and entertaining. Time will tell how much more we'll be seeing of her.
And taking the fact that people are getting more and more annoyed by just her name I sense her months are outnumbered.

Check out the video Christina's fans made in order to remember the people of how the world was before Just Dance and the biggest copycat came out:

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