Friday, April 23, 2010

Interview with : MILICA BALAC

Milica Balac is a 21 years old Serbian fashion designer, born and raised in Novi Sad who with her friend Marina established a brand called EMMES. She had her first fashion show at the age of 16 and her new collection was recently presented at the Jacobs Fashion Selection in Belgrade.
She is finishing fashion design and textile design course in Belgrade and also Istituto Callegari.

When did you start having interest for fashion?
I started having interest for fashion at the age of 16 when I enrolled into pattern making high school. Shortly after that I had my first fashion show with a friend Marina and from that point on we created a name for ourselves called EMMES.

What was your inspiration for this collection?
I was mainly inspired with the combination of two worlds, the male and the female costumes from the 17Th century.

Who's your favorite designer?
I don't have one but I certainly love to be up to date with the collections that other designers do.
I admire John Galliano the most though.

What's your favourite part of wardrobe and why?
It depends of the mood I'm in but something that suits me the most, something I like to design the most is lingerie. With lingerie a girl can always feel beautiful, feminine, secure and powerful.

What do you think the biggest problem Serbian girls have when it comes to dressing?
Role models. Wanting to always stay in fashion they usually don't respect their body types and they make a lot of mistakes. All the girls look the same. They don't wear the clothes, clothes wear them instead of just making it a part of their personality and enlightening who they are within.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
The plans I made in the past weren't always good but they opened a lot of opportunities for me which at the end turned up to be even better.
First I want to finish my studies and then I'll focus more on creating. I certainly see myself in this profession, in Serbia or abroad.

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