Sunday, March 28, 2010

Victoria Beckham: The Ohh Soo Many Outfits!

Oh boy does she have clothes or what? I can't even imagine what her closet must look like!
Up until now i've never seen her twice in the same outfit and I don't think she'll ever give us the pleasure of seeing one ever again.
But thats the life of a celebrity.
Could you imagine just how they feel, if they had some peace of wardrobe they adore and feel good in but just can't show up in it again, knowing that everyone would start pointing fingers and laugh?!
But then again they have the money to buy something else.

At least they'll always have shoes and bags they could wear and carry again and again.

I love Victoria Beckham's style.
She started as the Posh Spice every girl wanted to be, and now she's lifted herself above all the other girls and created a name for herself in the business.
Wheather its just to go out with her boys and spend some quality time together or going to a ball, she always dresses amazing.
I've never seen her make a mistake with fashion and like her or not you just can't deny the woman is fabolous.

Here are some of her best outfits:

By night

By day

At the airport

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